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Streaming and remote videos

Streaming for companies such as KPMG or Union Investment, as well as customers from the pharmaceutical sector, is part of our daily business. We can live stream conferences and annual reports with up to 5 cameras. We work with experienced image mixers for this.

Teams, for example, can be used as a platform.

Record videos remotely .

If you want to record an interview where no one can go, which is too far away, or it simply has to be done quickly.
We have a great tool for this that we use regularly.
He/she logs in to our site via a link.
We can communicate with him/her, just like through Teams, and also add someone else, for example, who can ask questions.
The quality is very good because we can use the interviewee's computer/mobile phone as a buffer, so there is no interruption in picture and sound.

The interviewee can also use his or her mobile phone to join in.

A very smart solution!

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